WPC Composite Decking Machine/WPC Machine /3D Embossed Decking production line  WPC Composite Decking Machine/WPC Machine /3D Embossed Decking production line

PVC /WPC profile production line can produce all kinds of profile, for example, window, door and door frame, pallet, cladding of outdoor wall, facility of outside park, floor etc. Output profile is Wood Plastic Composite(WPC) or Plastic UPVC. 

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Product Description

 WPC Composite Decking Machine/WPC Machine /3D Embossed Decking production line  


Product description  :

What’s WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)?

Wood plastic composite is lumber product made from recycled plastic and small wood particles or fibers. Wood plastic composite (WPC) that consists of polyethylene (PE) and wood sawdust tends to be used primarily in building and structural components. Such as decking board, Wall panel, Railing and Fence.

WPC Composite decking boards is made of 30% HDPE (Grade A recycled HDPE),60% Wood or Bamboo powder (Professionally treated dry bamboo or wood fiber), 10% Chemical Additives(Anti-UV agent, Antioxidant, Stabilizes, Colorants, Lubricant etc.)
WPC composite decking not only has real wood texture, but also has longer service life than real wood and requires little maintenance. So, WPC composite decking is a good alternative of other decking.
WPC (abbreviation: wood plastic composite)


Wood plastic composite 3D-embossing decking boards.

Wood plastic composite exterior WPC flooring has been introduced to the market.

The difference from the traditional flooring is the technologically advanced structure. It is a wood-panel system that does not require padding and has a good waterproof function. Wood plastic composite WPC flooring does not require the use of adhesives, it is easy to install through its locking system, which helps to reduce installation time and cost; WPC flooring has sound-absorbing effect, is more comfortable and quiet under the feet, and is very suitable for key environments such as noise reduction.

3D embossing wood grain decking has a wide range of applications. High-quality outdoor composite decking can not only make your home look better, but also serve for a longer life.

It have all the advantages of traditional composite decking ,it is still kept: waterproof, anti-UV, weather resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-termites, temperature resistant, long service life etc…But it looks and feels more like natural wood due to the 3D embossing treatment of the surface.

What is WPC composite decking?

Wood-plastic composite decking is a new type of environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite material product. Wood phenol produced during the production of medium and high-density fiberboards is added to recycled plastics to make wood-plastic composite materials through granulation equipment, and then extruded into production groups. Made into wood-plastic composite decking.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wood-plastic composite decking

  1. Advantages
    a. Waterproof and moisture-proof. It fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are easy to rot and expand and deform after absorbing water and damp in humid and watery environments, and can be used in environments where traditional wood products cannot be used.
    b. Anti-insect and termite-proof, effectively prevent insect harassment and prolong the service life.
    c, colorful, many colors to choose from. It not only has natural wood feeling and wood texture, but also can customize the required color according to your own personality.
    d. Strong plasticity, can realize personalized modeling very simply, and fully reflect individual style.
  2. Disadvantages
    a. The moisture content in the plastic wood material is too high.
    b. There is shrinkage phenomenon.
    c, the amount of antioxidants is too low.
    d. Some plastic wood flooring products will fade.
    e. The surface of plastic wood flooring is too smooth and slippery when wet.

Technical profile for industry:

1.Conical twin-screw extruder is perfect, with PVC powder or granular material.

2.Mould designed by different kinds of profile customer required.

3.supply formula guide and staple raw material purchase.

Technical parameter of wpc decking machine:


Max width


Extruder model

Max output(kg/h)

 motor power(kw)






CMDX 180


SJZ51/105 or SJZ55/110



CMDX 240





CMDX 300





CMDX 400





CMDX 500





CMDX 600





Detail Pictures

                          WPC Decking Production Process

WPC Decking machine Production Process

100% recycled PP,PE,etc+wood power ( from wood dust, rice husk, wheat straw,etc)+ additives → mixing granulating → conical twin-screw extruder → profile extrusion die → profile moulds→ vacuum calibration platform →(haul-off) → cutter →stacker → finished product → surface finish processing, like embossing, sandng, brushing,etc

Main Composition of wpc decking production line 

Item Quantity
1.Twin Screw Extruder with Automatic Feeding System One set
2.Die Mold & Stock Mold One set
3.Vacuum Calibrarion Table One set
4.Haul-off Unit One set
5. Cutter One set
6.Stacker One set


Detail images of wpc decking production machine 

1.The all production line of the wpc decking machine 

2..Twin Screw Extruder of the wpc decking machine 

3.Die Mold & Stock Mold of wpc decking machine 

4.Vacuum Calibrarion Table of wpc decking machine 

5.Haul-off of wpc decking machine 

6.Cutter Unit of wpc decking machine 

7.Stacker of wpc decking machine 



WPC Decking Composite Decking 

1.Hollow WPC Decking Composite Decking

2.Solid WPC Decking Composite Decking


WPC Decking Used For?

Because WPC decking has following good performance: high pressure resistance, weather resistance, scratch resistance, waterproof, and fireproof, WPC composite decking has long service life compared to other decking. That is why wpc composite decking is wisely used at outdoor environment, such as gardens, patio, parks, seaside, residential housing, gazebo, balcony, and so on.


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