20-63mm Two cavity PVC conduit pipe machine 20-63mm  Two cavity PVC conduit pipe machine

1. PVC conduit pipe making machine is suitable for the production of 16-63mm PVC conduit pipes . 2.The main raw materials for the production of PVC pipes are PVC resin, calcium powder and additives. 3.The main machine is a conical twin-screw extruder for PVC powder raw materials. 4.The machine is a dual-pipe output that maximizes the performance of the machine.

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Product Description


                   PVC Double Pipe Extrusion Line/Production Line /making machine 
PVC pipe production line is mainly used in the manufacture of the plastic PVC pipes with various tube diameters and wall thickness in the aspects such as the agricultural and constructional plumbing, cable laying etc. This line is made up of the conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum forming table, haul-offs, cutter, rickstand, etc. The extruder and the haul-offs adopt the imported AC frequency control device. The vacuum pump and the electric vehicle motor empoly the superior goods. The haul-offs has the traction modes such as two-caterpillars, three-caterpillars, four-caterpillars, five-caterpillars and so on. It is additionally attached with measuring apparatus and the intensifying device. The unit is reliable and efficient production pvc pipe extrusion line and pvc/c pipe extrusion line.


Our PVC pipe extrusion machine has features of low energy consumption, high output, stable running etc.   The standard PVC pipe extrusion machine include: material feeder, SJSZ series conic twin screw extruder, mould, vacuum calibration tank, spray cooling tank(for big pipe), haul-off, cutter, stacker/automatic belling machine.   Clients also can choose Single/Four PVC pipe extrusion line to make small size PVC pipes.   The main electrics for PVC pipe extrusion machine adopt Siemens motor, Schneider contactor, ABB inverter, RKC temperature controller.

Technical data:
Diameter range
Extruder Model
Main motor power
Production speed
16-40 Dual
18.5 AC
20-63 Dual
37 AC
20-110 Dual
55 AC

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